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24 hours Self Check-in

A door code is SMSed or E-mailed to you to open the front or rear doors. It starts with C.

If on arrival you do not have a door code please ring 3236 0115 there is a free phone at the front door for that use.

Rooms 1 through 5 are on the 1st floor that is at street level.
Room 6 is the Attic apartment above the 1 st floor.
Rooms 7 to 10 are at the car park level and more easily accessed through the back door from the car park.

There is a notice at the front and rear doors that shows you your room number.

Your room is unlocked and the key is on a desk or table inside the room.

436 Upper Roma Street,
Queensland, 4000,

Phone Number
07 3236 0115